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New Video: Shift After Shift

  Our machining centers are an unstoppable production force in your shop. What goes in to building an Enshu? Details matter. Built by hand and designed to meet the tightest tolerances, Enshu machining centers are then tested for durability, endurance, speed and accuracy. But before any new model makes it to a customer, we put […]

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Fantastic Work From the FANUC Die/Mold Package

Time is money. A machine that cuts a perfect die or mold doesn’t count for much if it can’t do it rapidly. On the other hand, a fast turnaround loses its benefits and incurs more costs if a machine cuts quickly, but inaccurately. The key to success is finding a machine that places equal importance […]

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Eliminate Error with the BK Mikro

Everyone makes mistakes. Machines don’t. Unfortunately, the people that give machines their commands are still prone to slip-ups. They might, for instance, not realize when a cutting tool breaks halfway through an order. The machine still completes all the parts as best it can, even though no one is aware that the tool has malfunctioned. […]

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Mind Behind the Machine – Chieko Nemoto

Controller Chieko Nemoto is a relatively new addition to the Enshu family, but her experience in accounting is long-standing. Chieko cut her teeth as an auditor for the Chicago branch of KPMG for 4 years. After KPMG, she spent 7 years working as an accountant for KYB Americas, developing the accounting skills and industrial knowledge […]

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Three FAQ’s About Your FANUC Control Batteries

The FANUC controls on your Enshu machining centers have batteries to backup the CMOS memory where part programs, offset data, and system parameters are stored. Maintaining the proper battery life is important for minimizing down time and staying highly productive. In order to keep your FANUC control running smoothly, check out these three frequently asked […]

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Five Key Lubrication Points on Your Enshu

Lubrication is key to keeping your machining center running smoothly and extending its life. At Enshu, we’ve simplified the design of some of the lubrication points, which can be different from other machine tools out there. To help answer some frequently asked questions about these units, we’ve broken down the facts to the five key […]

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Enshu is Looking for Dealers

As part of our ongoing effort to make the premier Enshu product line more available throughout the U.S., we are currently on the hunt for more dealers. Ideally, we’re looking to partner with a company that can provide their own service and support. If your dealership is in need of a quality, premium line of […]

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Double the Tool Magazine, Double the Productivity

Our GE460H allows you to have twice the tooling capacity in one machine. By adding an optional second automatic tool changer (ATC), your HMC tooling capacity can go from 60 to 118. This video highlights the transfer process from magazine B to magazine A. While a competitor machine may take several minutes to transfer tooling […]

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Mind Behind the Machine: Donna Khoshaba

Donna has been crunching numbers at Enshu for four years. With an additional twenty years of accounting experience prior to joining us, she’s always felt confident in her field. But when her family’s home started to show its age this past year, she decided to try her hand at something that she had no experience […]

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Hydraulics on the Horizontal: Enshu and B&B Products Inc.

Enshu machines are built for long-term accuracy and efficiency, making them ideal for long-term production machining applications like those frequently received by B&B Products Inc. out of Franksville, WI. B&B has been in the precision CNC machining business for over 45 years, specializing in short to long term production runs of metals and plastics in […]

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