Eliminate Error with the BK Mikro

Everyone makes mistakes. Machines don’t. Unfortunately, the people that give machines their commands are still prone to slip-ups. They might, for instance, not realize when a cutting tool breaks halfway through an order. The machine still completes all the parts as best it can, even though no one is aware that the tool has malfunctioned. That is, until they see bad parts coming off the line. Once you see one bad part, there’s only one way to find where the problem started—you’ve got to stop production and check. Every. Single. Part.


Thankfully, there’s a way to cut-off this problem before it snowballs, it’s called the BK Mikro. The BK Mikro is a broken tool detection system that can be mounted in the tool change area. The system measures the length of the tool, comparing the measured length with the recorded length in the system’s memory, stopping the process if the lengths do not match.

Rather than elongating the machining process with a constant tool check, the BK Mikro ends up shortening your process in the long run. The BK Mikro checks in less than a second, while other systems can drag this process out by 5-10 seconds. Also, the BK Mikro decreases downtime by ensuring that your tools maintain their proper functions, and it alerts you at the first sign of a problem—rather than learning about it after the damage is done, or worse—after the part is sent to the customer.

Techna Tool’s BK Mikro and Enshu have collaborated successfully for a number of years. The BK Mikro is easily integrated into Enshu’s machines. In fact, it’s even available as a regular option at Enshu’s machining centers.

Watch the video below to see the BK Mikro in action inside of an Enshu machine, and contact us for more info, including information about our 3-year detector warranty.


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