Fantastic Work From the FANUC Die/Mold Package

Time is money. A machine that cuts a perfect die or mold doesn’t count for much if it can’t do it rapidly. On the other hand, a fast turnaround loses its benefits and incurs more costs if a machine cuts quickly, but inaccurately. The key to success is finding a machine that places equal importance on both speed and accuracy. By partnering with FANUC to provide a die/mold package option programmed within the CNCs on all our horizontal machining centers, Enshu is able to offer high accuracy and low cycle times to reproduce a die or mold quickly and reliably.

By reducing the mass of the tools, we’re able to create a machine that moves much faster. Because it takes less time, it can finish cutting parts in a much shorter duration than competitors’ machines.

While providing a quick turnaround, a machine working with a FANUC control is also designed to cut without trading accuracy for speed. The system maintains accuracy in its cuts by anticipating the acceleration and deceleration of the cutting tool as it moves around the mold or die. By accounting for fluctuations in speed, the system is able to preserve a high level of speed while providing each cut with smooth, continuous and accurate motion.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a machine that cuts faster than anything on the market, or a machine that cuts with perfect accuracy. The only machine in the die/mold arena that has great value is the one that pays equal attention to detail and speed. Enshu and FANUC have worked together to provide a machine with unparalleled speed and accuracy for any die/mold application. Contact us on how to integrate this option into your HMC.


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