Fixing a Tool Changer Lock is as Easy as M180

It’s a busy day in the shop, and your GE Series Enshu machine has been working overtime. You’re in the middle of an important job when, all of a sudden, your tool changer locks up. Unsure of what caused the lock, you can’t tell whether it will be fixed in an hour or a day. Your timely production is now on the line.

With our expertise in 24/7 production machining, we know the detriment of having a tool changer lock-up when you need it most. The tool change recovery mode comes standard with our GE Series horizontal machining centers with these situations in mind. To save you time and hassle, our simple recovery M180 code can reverse the tool change to its previous position, so you can easily diagnose the problem and get back to production.

Check out the video of the tool changer recovery in action:



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