Double the Tool Magazine, Double the Productivity

Our GE460H allows you to have twice the tooling capacity in one machine. By adding an optional second automatic tool changer (ATC), your HMC tooling capacity can go from 60 to 118. This video highlights the transfer process from magazine B to magazine A. While a competitor machine may take several minutes to transfer tooling […]

Mind Behind the Machine: Donna Khoshaba

Donna has been crunching numbers at Enshu for four years. With an additional twenty years of accounting experience prior to joining us, she’s always felt confident in her field. But when her family’s home started to show its age this past year, she decided to try her hand at something that she had no experience […]

Hydraulics on the Horizontal: Enshu and B&B Products Inc.

Enshu machines are built for long-term accuracy and efficiency, making them ideal for long-term production machining applications like those frequently received by B&B Products Inc. out of Franksville, WI. B&B has been in the precision CNC machining business for over 45 years, specializing in short to long term production runs of metals and plastics in […]

Geared Towards Precision: The GE480H HMC in Action

Precision is key when it comes to quality machining, and Enshu Machining Centers have this down to a T. When Northern Gear, a precision gear and machining company based in southeastern Wisconsin, approached us looking for a machining center that had the high accuracy they needed to produce end flanges to hydraulic parts, we had […]

Fixing a Tool Changer Lock is as Easy as M180

It’s a busy day in the shop, and your GE Series Enshu machine has been working overtime. You’re in the middle of an important job when, all of a sudden, your tool changer locks up. Unsure of what caused the lock, you can’t tell whether it will be fixed in an hour or a day. […]

Meet the Team: Mike Germann

After 15 years with Enshu and over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and machine tool industry, Mike Germann has learned the importance of manufacturing in the U.S., believing a society is measured by what it makes and leaves behind. When Mike is not at work, he is enjoying spending time with his family […]

Cutting to the Model with Enshu Machining Centers

Mold shops refer to the concept of machining to zero stock in different ways. Steve Rotman, president of Ameritech Die and Mold, calls it “cutting to the model.” This principle essentially machines complex molds to the exact specifications of the CAD model. Mr. Rotman’s career first began in a shop that didn’t cut to the […]

JIMTOF Wrap-Up: Easy Automation

What are the keys to profitable lean line manufacturing? Smart automation and flexibility; and at JIMTOF our demo lean line showed off both in spades. At the 2014 Tokyo Show, we integrated four of our modular machines utilizing a custom gantry system from Güdel. This demo crankcase line featured two of each our most flexible […]

GM Installs Enshu HMCs to Increase Valve Body Production

First enacted by Congress in 1975, the CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) regulations tasked automakers to improve the average fuel economy of cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. More recently, the automakers have been given a deadline, requiring them to nearly double the average fuel economy of cars and trucks by 2025. In […]

Enshu GE480H Improves Production Time for OEM Manufacturer

As a high precision manufacturer of pneumatic and low-pressure tie-rod style cylinders for the fluid power industry, TRD Manufacturing out of Machesney Park, Illinois serves the MRO marketplace with products regularly specified as OEM components. The delivery of their made-to-order cylinders were complicated by a wide variety of options and modifications, an ever-expanding product line […]


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